Planning Stage

Neolith marbles, meticulously crafted, bring precision to architectural visions, ensuring every plan unfolds with elegance and sophistication.

New Materials

Neolith introduces avant-garde marble compositions, redefining architectural landscapes with innovative materials that merge tradition and modernity.

Flexible Output

Neolith's marble variations offer architectural flexibility, adapting seamlessly to design concepts while retaining timeless beauty and durability.

Global Market

Neolith marbles transcend borders, captivating global architectural markets with their unparalleled quality, creating a universally admired design language.

Nature Friendly

Neolith's marble series epitomizes sustainability, harmonizing natural allure with eco-conscious manufacturing for a truly green architectural choice.

Pro Support

Neolith extends professional support, catering to architects' needs with unparalleled expertise, ensuring seamless integration of their marble solutions.

about our company

Welcome to Archistone, a premier showroom proudly presented by Albamer. As a distinguished branch under the Albamer umbrella, Archistone stands as a testament to innovation and elegance in the realm of fine marbles. Our showroom is a celebration of Neolith, the latest marvel in the Albamer collection, offering a stunning array of this exquisite marble. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and unparalleled quality of Neolith, meticulously curated to adorn spaces with sophistication and grace. At Archistone, we invite you to explore and discover the epitome of luxury in every vein and hue of Neolith, an embodiment of Albamer’s commitment to excellence.

Projects / Yearly


Every space has its own style.

The New Classtone

Feel the strength and light of natural stone. From pure white to the deepest black, you choose the exact feeling you want the character, durability and beauty of natural stone to convey. Applied to any space, the new classtone result is always unique. And if you choose it for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, elegance is assured.


Industrial meets natural. On-trend materials blend with timeless proposals. The Fusion Collection is a combination irresistible for its strength, energy and different effects. From Shilin and Mar del Plata to New York, every model gives a bold, distinctive personality to any space. And an unmistakable industrial style to your kitchen countertop.


Metallic beauty that endures. Iron has a striking personality that is immediately appealing. The seven models in this collection convey a bold, powerful and unchanging beauty. From greenish browns to greyish or reddish tones, the choice of iron brings tremendous strength and energy to any space. And when it is used to create your kitchen countertop, it becomes the absolute star of the show.


Soothing colors that create harmony. What is the color of the moon or smoke? Discover all the peacefulness and harmony of a collection that evokes feelings of nature and fully blends in with any architectural element. Its enormous versatility means you can create your own world in any room because Colorfeel adapts to different styles and trends and always adds to any space.


The warmth and well-being of wood. The majestic pines of Sweden and the trunk of Lebanese cedar inspire this collection with its unique texture that provides a sense of comfort and purity without you having to worry about upkeep. Its combination of knots and natural grains offers a tremendously vibrant choice for decorating walls and bringing movement to any space. It is always an excellent choice.


When steel is inspiration. The most urban and avant-garde collection, with state-of-the-art metallic effects, transports you to a cosmopolitan world for a bold and innovative space of your choice. Entrances with a futuristic edge, functional and innovative living rooms, durable and eye-catching kitchens... Steel, in its two models, is bound to impress.


At Archistone, the bedrock of their ethos lies in unwavering integrity, ensuring every interaction is marked by transparency and steadfast commitment. Simultaneously, their dedication to innovation fuels an environment where marble craftsmanship reaches unparalleled heights, setting a definitive standard for quality and trust within the industry.
Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of Archistone’s values, fostering a culture that prioritizes honest and committed interactions. This commitment to honesty is paralleled by an unyielding pursuit of innovation, driving the company to continually redefine marble craftsmanship, establishing a benchmark of unmatched quality and reliability in the architectural sphere.

Each person's vision of the perfect home, business, or project is unique, shaped by personal style, values, and their perspective on life. Neolith seamlessly adapts to every individual concept, transforming spaces into reflections of your world and embodying the personality you seek. Explore the vast versatility and boundless possibilities inherent in Neolith sintered stone within our selection of projects. Each creation comes to life, speaking a language of its own.


Neolith is the world’s leading brand in Sintered Stone. A revolutionary architectural surface with premium technical features.

At Neolith we never stop evolving, researching and developing new technologies because our objectives are clear


Our ambition is:

  1. To keep inspiring and creating bright and bold spaces that are enjoyed to the fullest.
  2. To make sustainable environments a reality.
  3. To work responsibly with society and build a future we can all look forward to.

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exterior design

Archistone's Neolith marbles redefine exterior aesthetics, transforming spaces into captivating showcases of elegance and durability.

interior design

Neolith marbles by Archistone elevate interior spaces, infusing them with timeless sophistication and versatile design possibilities.

architecture skills

Archistone's expertise in architecture is characterized by precision, innovation, and a profound understanding of spatial dynamics, shaping extraordinary structures.

contemporary ideas

Archistone's Neolith marbles epitomize contemporary design, seamlessly integrating avant-garde concepts into architectural landscapes, setting new trends in modernity and style.

do you want to work with us?

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